Cursed Shore gathering route

General Orichalcum route in Cursed Shore for the megaservers

General Orichalcum route in Cursed Shore for the megaservers

It’s not really possible to keep up with the gathering maps now with the megaservers, as you never know what map you’ll get. A general gathering route might not be the best solution, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

Remember that there’s *5* total Orichalcum nodes in the zone for any given day. Once you’ve found five, there’s no more need to continue. I personally find all five maybe 80% of time (pulling numbers out of my butt) just doing this simple C-loop. Hopefully it’ll treat you just as well.


It’s done!

Sunrise, the legendary blade

Sunrise, finally complete

The Sunrise is gorgeous. Painting the world with light as I slash through my enemies looks fantastic. Wielding the thing is a joy. Crafting one comes with a caveat though. Or a couple actually. First of all – and this should be news to no one – getting your precursor is a pain. Hundreds or thousands of blades down the Zommoros’ well, I gained nothing but frustration and burnout. Farming gold and buying it on AH ended up the only reasonable way of gaining Dawn, and that did not feel legendary at all. I really like the way they’re going with in the expansion, precursors being gained from collections and all. The precursor aside, I think the crafting was quite fun. I think the mix of exploring, PvP and farming was pretty much on spot. The karma is perhaps a tad too easy now compared to the days of Orr, which in turn raises the relative price of T6 mats, but all in all it was quite okay.

Another thing that got me thinking was poor Belindas’s beautiful greatsword, reintroduced to the store just as I crafted my own blade. What I would really love would be using Sunrises legendary effect (painting the world!) with another blade. How awesome would it if you could give Belinda’s sword the texture from Sunrises blade? Or if you could make your Tequatl bow shoot Kuzku’s flowers? Right now it feels slightly a waste using those cool transmutations when you have a legendary. It could be so much better.

Something old, something new

I found myself in Tyria last night, and found it as beautiful as ever.
Finding my way around Lion’s Arch was hard, relearning to fight even harder, but my long break sure made the game feel fresh again. I’m really looking forward to exploring Maguuma Jungle now. It’s good to be back.

I’m a bit sad about the way they impelemented the megaservers though, as tt seems very unlikely I’ll be able to get back to this mapping business. Certainly won’t work the way it did before, that’s for sure. I suppose I could create zone-specific maps for all possible spawn locations, and possibly map out optimal paths to run them through. Maybe that might be of use to someone? Either that or I just start photoblogging about my escapedes in Maguuma. Worth pondering!

First things first though. I need to go wrap up the Sunrise crafting I burned out on the last time I was here!